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Intuitive Online Data Backup

CCS Remote Backup is a multifaceted, business grade backup solution, designed to protect mission critical data from permanent loss. Our software /service is designed from the ground up by engineers with insight provided by tens of thousands of data recovery cases and backup failures through seen by data recovery services. Every aspect of fault tolerance has been thoughtfully addressed with this best of breed solution with features and services not found in other provider's offerings.

With our roots firmly planted in the data recovery industry, CCS Data Services has a unique understanding of the problems associated with many data backup solutions. For example, many people back their data up to either the same computer or the same physical location. Data backed up in this manner is subject to loss due to fire, flooding, earthquakes, electrical surges or even computer viruses. Data lost due to these factors is often gone forever with no chance for data recovery. Furthermore, with a recent surge in computer related thefts and employee sabotage, critical data can be stolen or destroyed with no chance of retrieval. In these instances where critical data cannot be retrieved, the continuity of an organization can be significantly and irreparably impacted. These are just a few of the many problems that businesses face when protecting their data. CCS Data Recovery has listened to thousands of data loss horror stories. CCS Data Services used this information to build a superior backup tool.

Remote Backup Overview

CCS Remote Backup was designed with the intention of eliminating many of the shortcomings that plague conventional data backup solutions. The CCS Remote Backup software launches automatically at computer start-up, and runs in the background as the computer is used. Two key product features help to automate the backup process. First, CCS Remote Backup runs automatic scans of the user's computer looking for files marked for backup, and backs up any marked files according to a backup schedule that the user sets. Four default scan schedules are available allowing the user to define how often particular files and folders are scanned for backup.

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows 2000, Service Pack 3*

*Hotfixes may be required for Windows 2000.

Key Features

Windows Integrated User Interface

CCS Remote Backup is integrated directly with Microsoft Windows, utilizing familiar environments, such as My Computer and Windows Explorer. The service is intuitively easy to use and fully automated. As soon as you power on your machine, CCS Remote Backup has you protected.

Local Copy

In addition to the remote backup, the software can be configured to keep a local copy of mission critical data. In the event of a non-catastrophic failure, data can be restored instantly with the redundant copy of data stored locally on a designated path.

Data Backup Auditing

CCS Data Services goes the extra mile to ensure critical data is being backed up. Audit files and backup logs are reviewed periodically and cross-referenced against the data currently selected for backup. Any discrepancies are discussed with the client and the appropriate changes to his or her backup schedule are made.

Initial Backup of Large Data Sets

In certain situations, the initial backup of a large data set over the Internet is too long to make remote backup practical. To address this problem, CCS Remote Backup provides a seed backup service that allows data to be backed up to a local hard-drive and then shipped to CCS Data Services where it will be imported into the backup servers. After the seed backup set is imported, the client's machine will begin backing up changed data files over the Internet. Seed backups are available for an additional fee.

World-Class Customer Support

CCS Data Services takes great pride in providing best-in-class customer support for our clients. Our North American technical support team is located at our corporate headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas. When a data crisis occurs, a CCS Data Services technical support representative is only a phone call away.

Restoration of Large Data Sets

If a client's system fails and a large amount of data needs to be restored quickly, a copy of the client's backup set can be shipped on an external hard-drive to expedite recovery of very large data sets. Charges and processing time for this service vary depending on the amount of data to be transferred. Individual files and folders can be restored online while waiting for the external hard-drive to arrive.

Automated Backup Scheduling

Backups are initiated automatically. The user determines what files, folders, and file types to back up and how often backups occur. CCS Remote Backup does the rest.

Unlimited Revisions

The user determines how many revisions of each file to store on CCS Data Services servers.

Differential Data Backup

After the initial backup of a file, only the changes made to that file are sent to CCS's servers for backup. This significantly reduces the amount of data that has to be transmitted over the Internet, preserving your bandwidth for other uses. What's more, depending on your needs, CCS Remote Backup can be configured to utilize different variations of the differential feature, either a light weight algorithm or in tandem with the local copy feature.

Multi-layer Encryption

Data is encrypted prior to transmission and remains encrypted while on CCS Data Services backup servers.

Proactive IT Management

By maximizing the benefits of technology, daily, weekly and monthly IT tasks can be automated and scheduled to ensure all tasks are completed and reported consistently and without fail.

As the tasks run, valuable data is gathered to spot trends and patterns which can be used to plan system changes or enhancements. This reduces or eliminates any impact on the business.

Consistency creates reliability which results in predictable costs. How many times have you received a bill that you couldn't understand or begin to determine if it was justified?

Consistency is the cornerstone of Managed Services

Managed Service Features

Site Assessment and Inventory

Proactive Service

Management and Status Reporting

Best Practice Driven

Automated and Reliable

We keep you informed by providing regular communication and executive reports covering the overall health of your computer network and the results of our services. All communication and issues associated with your users and systems is tracked, reported and retained for analytical, historical and audit purposes.

Managed Service Benefits

• Reliability

• Security

• Consistency

• Productivity Gains

• Cost Management and Control

• Performance

• Managed Expansion and Growth

Our goal is to serve as your technology partner with a focus on providing solutions. By using a consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs, we can advise on the best solutions for your current and future needs

CCS provides you with a single source of professional expertise and resources you need to streamline system management and support functions at an affordable price.

CCS uses advanced processes, tools and methodologies, to deliver superior services that match your needs. You can choose from a variety of service plans that range from routine system maintenance and management to complete IT outsourcing. We will help you turn your data networks into an effective, efficient component of your growing business.




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