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Customer Technical Support Satisfaction Questionnaire

Yes Was the technical support staff courteous? please explain Was the technical support staff knowledgeable? If  no please explain Was the technical support staff helpful? If  no please explain How would you rate the quality of the assistance you received from technical support? How would you rate your satisfaction with the technical support services you received? Do you have any suggestions for improvement of our technical support services? Comments Comments Full Name Company Name Email Address Phone Number Choose One That Best Describes Your Experience Would you recommend us to others? No If  no please explain Yes No Yes No Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Somewhat Unsatisfied Completely Unsatisfied Great Poor Great Poor

In our ongoing effort to improve the quality of our products and service we ask you to take a moment to complete this Customer Satisfaction Survey Form. Your input will assist us significantly in continuing to improve our product quality and responsiveness to your requirements. Thank you in advance for your assistance.